Writer in Motion 2022 Is Here and I’m Baaack (Kind of)

It's been about two months since I wrote my last blog post here. Happy Fall, everyone! Reports of my dematerialization have been greatly exaggerated. What happened? Well, I took an unplanned but necessary hiatus. In my last couple posts, I mentioned I had a sense of incipient burnout on the writing front. At the same … Continue reading Writer in Motion 2022 Is Here and I’m Baaack (Kind of)

#WriterInMotion Week 3 – CP Edit: The Witch of Blue Ridge

Week 3 is already upon us! My critique partners and I started this round a bit early, as we all had our self-edited drafts ready to go. I'm so grateful to my CPs for their help in this round of the Writer In Motion event. I was nervous about the process, since this was my first time doing the event, but I had no reason to be. In fact, everyone I've met and interacted with through WIM has been incredibly kind, talented, and friendly.