Why should agents and editors have all the pitch party fun?

Welcome to the #SelfPitch party – a pitch event for authors who are doing it for themselves!

#SelfPitch is a Twitter event where self-published, indie and small press authors can hype their book directly to readers and readers can discover their next favorite books.

Our Mission

#SelfPitch envisions a social media event where indie, self-published, and small press authors can pitch their work to new readers, connect with their peers, support each other, and hype their books in a positive, celebratory atmosphere.

Why #SelfPitch?

By indies for indies, #SelfPitch is the brainchild of authors Shoshana Rain and Erin Fulmer. Inspired by the spirit of events like #PitLight, this event skips publishing gatekeepers to connect readers directly with authors. Our goal is to increase discoverability of indie books and build community among indie authors.

Event Rules

1. This event is for indie/self pub authors to pitch their recently released or upcoming work to readers. Agent and publishers are welcome to appreciate, but not interact – this is not an event for acquiring new talent!

2. Please share work that released recently (in the past year) or available for preorder.

3. You may include images in your posts such as cover art, aesthetics, and commissioned art (make sure you have the rights to any images used!)

4. One pitch per book only, please! In other words, if you have multiple books out in the last year, you may post one pitch for each.

5. All buy links should be shared in replies only, not the main post with the hashtag.

6. Likes, comments, retweets, and QRTs are not just permitted but encouraged! If you see a pitch for a book that excites you, interact! That’s right, we’re giving you a License to Like.