Notes from My Debut Year

This year has been one hell of a ride. Three weeks from today, CAMBION’S LAW will be available for preorder. Three months after that, it will be out in the world. I did a little poll on Twitter and it seemed that quite a few people were interested in reading about how my debut year … Continue reading Notes from My Debut Year

WIM 2021: Unedited First Draft

Sometimes, writing inspiration seems to come through you in a near-revelatory process. But what happens when you finish transcribing, but you still don’t know exactly what the story is trying to say? I’m about to find out, because that’s exactly what has happened with this first stab at my Writer In Motion short. This story…whew. … Continue reading WIM 2021: Unedited First Draft

The Joy of “Pantsing” It

Writing by “the seat of your pants” is out of fashion. But what if, for me, that’s where the magic happens? By “pantsing,” of course, I don’t mean the juvenile prank of pulling down an unsuspecting victim’s pants. I’m talking about the drafting style known more accurately as “discovery writing” or “intuitive writing,” which is … Continue reading The Joy of “Pantsing” It


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