Writer in Motion 2022 Is Here and I’m Baaack (Kind of)

It’s been about two months since I wrote my last blog post here. Happy Fall, everyone!

A small orange dragon (Mushu from Mulan) sits up from smoky flame and declares I LIVE!!!
Reports of my dematerialization have been greatly exaggerated.

What happened? Well, I took an unplanned but necessary hiatus. In my last couple posts, I mentioned I had a sense of incipient burnout on the writing front. At the same time, I feared that taking a break would steal my momentum.

The fact is, I had not stopped to take a breather in a while, and it turns out I really needed one. After two years of pushing myself creatively with limited downtime, I was running on empty. As soon as I gave myself permission to stop, everything stopped, including my drive to stay productive.

I want to write more about this experience, but I’m still taking things slow and gathering my thoughts about that. For today, I want to highlight the amazing pieces in progress by the author participants in this year’s Writer in Motion event!

In past years’ events, I’ve written my own stories for WiM, but this year I am helping coordinate it. I’m absolutely loving the work I’ve read so far. Check these out and follow along with the authors’ writing process from first draft to edited final story!

An image of bare snow-covered cliffs and icy water, with a ship approaching in the far distance.
The Writer in Motion prompt picture makes me want to go to there.

Sasha Kielman’s atmospheric character study aches with a princess’s yearning for freedom.

Erin Clark’s “Flight of Folly” delivers a tense conflict between two characters fighting for their kingdom’s survival.

Mel Grebing’s gorgeous tale of defiance against the love of a god ends with a perfect twist.

Rose Black’s “BIRB” offers a searing portrait of love lost and self-imposed isolation.

Steph Whittaker has shared a fascinating deep-dive into her planning, drafting, and editing process so far for “Ice Prince,” a short story set in the world of a series-in-progress.

If I’ve missed your story and you’re participating in the event, drop me a line if you’d like me to share – I didn’t have links for all the folks who are signed up!

As for me, I’m hoping to get back to regular blog posts here this month, but I’m neck deep in revisions for the next book in the Cambion series and making that my first priority. We’ll see how things go!

2 thoughts on “Writer in Motion 2022 Is Here and I’m Baaack (Kind of)

  1. Welcome back, and I’m glad you took the time to rest! It’s not easy making that decision, and it’s great if it benefitted you. Am looking forward to hear about your experience on it!


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