Tomorrow’s the Day: CAMBION’S LAW Is Almost Here!

It’s finally here: the eve of my debut release. CAMBION’S LAW releases tomorrow in Kindle and ebook. Because it’s Print on Demand, some of you have received your paperback copies already! I love seeing pictures of my book in the wild so keep ’em coming.

A long scroll is unfurled: LET ME LIST MY FEELS

I am full of so many feelings: nervous, excited, uncertain, and relieved that so far my reviewers have been extremely kind to me. It’s lovely to see that readers are picking up some of the aspects of this book that are most meaningful to me, namely, what one reviewer called “simmering queerness”, the theme that consent is paramount (and sexy), and that irrepressible Danny Rios is “the MVP.” As an author, I’m probably not supposed to have favorites, but if I did, it would be her.

Early reviews for CAMBION’S LAW – thank you!

Reviews like this really make an author’s day, week, month, and year.

I loved Lily and her no-nonsense attitude. My favorite kinds of characters are the ones who don’t always make perfect choices, but try so hard to do the right thing, even when they aren’t entirely sure what that is. And Sebastian. I loved that he was the human half of their dynamic, but damn if he didn’t hold his own against the demons. I was completely invested in the mystery. I had a whole theory about who the killer was and let’s just say I was thoroughly wrong.

Jessa Graythorne, author of FIREBORN

Cambion’s Law was an entertaining read from start to finish, but my favorite thing (and what stood out the most) was the author’s use of consent. Even though the kink in CL consisted mostly of only light bondage, the rules of consent and negotiation were abundantly clear and very, very sexy. This is no small feat in my opinion. I am a proponent of “consent is sexy” and “consent is key,” but I don’t always see authors use it well or make it sensual. I am so pleased to say that author Erin Fulmer did both with success.

Goodreads Reviewer

This may be Fulmer’s debut novel but she’s already a seasoned writer with a well-defined style and voice. There are both fantastical and very down-to-earth elements of Lily’s sexuality that as a queer woman I found refreshing and validating. Certain character relationships have simmering undercurrents of sexual tension without sexual identity (or a quest to define it, as much as I do appreciate those narratives also) taking center stage. Lily’s just living and going on her own journey through this story in many ways, of which sexuality forms only one part, and I appreciate that deeply as a take on contemporary queer life.

Goodreads Reviewer

I said I wouldn’t Tok, but…

I’m now on TikTok because I kept hearing about how great BookTok is! I definitely swore up and down that I would not do this, then I done did it. And honestly, it is pretty fun, even though I have no idea what I’m doing there.

A middle-aged man with a backwards hat and a skateboard over his shoulder says, "How do you do, fellow kids?"
Me on the Tok

I have enjoyed making Canva videos while pretending I am working up a prestige streaming show version of my book. I don’t know that these are selling copies but they are helping me get hyped for release! For your edification, please find below my latest effort, featuring Lily’s former mentor, the incubus Ariel. So help me, I got myself with my own thirst trap while putting this together.


Meet Ariel, Lily’s mentor in CAMBION’S LAW. He’ll charm the pants off you…literally. #incubus #urbanfantasy #demon #spicybooks #paranormalbooks

♬ Way down We Go – KALEO
Incubus magic is a force to be reckoned with.

Lest he feel left out, I also made this wholesome(ish) tribute to Lily’s human love interest, Sebastian. I’ll have what she’s having.


Made a little fanvideo featuring my favorite romantic quotes from CAMBION’S LAW. #urbanfantasy #urbanfantasyromance #romantic #relationshipgoals

♬ You Say – Lauren Daigle
A little sweet, a little dark, a little spicy–pretty much sums them up.

Join me for my virtual launch day event!

With the help of some other awesome City Owl Press authors, I’m taking over the Paranormal Romance Rock Stars group on Facebook tomorrow, Tuesday 11/9! If you want to come hang out, we will be doing games and giveaways from 3-6 p.m. PST (6-9 EST). You will need to join the group to participate by answering a couple of simple questions.

You're invited! Cambion's Law Launch Party, Nov. 9, 2021 3-6 PM Pacific, Facebook, Paranormal Rock Stars Group

I may also get up my nerve to do a Q&A and/or reading on Instagram Live, but a) I have never done a Live before b) I’m scared of being on camera and c) I would worry that no one would come. But if tipsy/euphoric/persuaded enough, it could happen so…stay tuned, I guess!

CAMBION'S LAW paperback displayed with a liquor bottle and two glasses of amber liquid.
Recommended pairing.

Anyway, I’m supposed to tell you where to buy the book, so let me list for you my links:

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Thank you so much for reading and for all your support. It means the world to me.

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