Writing Projects

Galatea’s Paradox

Science Fiction – Space Opera

When genius astronautics engineer VERITY LEE sabotages her life’s work, wipes all records of her research, and vanishes with her prototype jump drive ship, she leaves behind a scar in spacetime, a host of unanswered questions, and the body of the man she loved. The mystery of her disappearance leads investigator GALEN ABBEY far beyond the jurisdiction of the United Colonies and onto the trail of flamboyant privateer LIBERTY O’MALLEY and her rag-tag crew of outcasts and survivors. Haunted by a past that doesn’t seem to belong to her, Liberty must risk her own destruction to get the answers that could save her sanity–and with Inspector Abbey, finally solve the mystery of what happened to Verity Lee.

A character-driven space opera reminiscent of DARK MATTER and the WAYFARERS SERIES, GALATEA’S PARADOX is a story of mystery, found family, identity, and the consequences of trauma.

A mock-up book cover showing a woman in a forest, dressed in a black feathered cloak with a winged headdress and carrying a sword. Erin Fulmer - Cambion's Blood

Cambion’s Blood (Cambion Series Book 2)

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Six months after the events of Cambion’s Law, half-demon attorney LILY KNIGHT faces a State Bar investigation, the scorn of her colleagues, and zero job prospects. When EVE, the daughter of her former mentor, is accused of murdering a house full of frat boys, Lily promises to help her. If only the sullen young succubus would show up for her court dates…

As she searches for evidence to exonerate her client, Lily stumbles upon a deeper, older, more dangerous mystery–and at its heart, a bloodthirsty supernatural opponent who kills without pity or remorse.